Since its inception, Bionetics has manufactured flow instruments for a variety of applications. Below is a listing of the fluids (liquids, gases and slurries) that users have successfully measured using Rheotherm and RheoVac instruments. Many of the fluids include links to pages with additional information about the application (designated in BOLD and “>>” following the fluid name).

Fluids Measured with Bionetics Sensors

Fluids ‘#’ through ‘A’

#2 Diesel Acetylacetone-Pentanedione Ammonia Liquid
#2 Fuel Oil Acetylene Ammonium Nitrate
15A14 Lube Oil Acheson PF404 Ammonium Chloride >>
15W40 Diesel Engine Oil Acidic Liquor Ammonium Hydroxide
75W90 Oil Acrylamide Ammonium Nitrate
190 Proof  Anhydrous Ethanol Acrylate/Siloxane Solution Ammonium Persulfate
190 Proof Ethanol Acrylic Acid Ammonium Persulfate Solution
1-Butanol Adhesive Paint Ammonium Sulfate
1-Butene Advantage DF-285 Aniline
1-Hexene Air >> Aniline Hydrochloride
2T Oil Alamine 336 Antifoam >>
30 Wt Oil Alcohol >> Antimony
3M Novec 7600 Alcohol/Petroleum Jelly Antioxidant No. 22
87 Octane Fuel Alkaline Solution Antiscalant
A-1 Kerosene Alkazene Antistat/Pigment
AB-Max Allyl Glycidyl Ether Aqueous Metabisulfite
Acetic Acid Aluminum Hydroxychloride Aqueous Metasulfite
Acetone Aluminum Nitrate Solution Argon Gas
Acetone w/Iodide Aluminum/Magnesium Solution Atmer
Acetone w/Silver Oxide Amine Aviation Fuel
Acetone/Methanol Solution Ammonia Gas Aviation Oil

Fluids ‘B’ through ‘C’

Bactericide Butanyl Butane Clarifoc 6240
BB-Red Dye Butyl Acetate Coagulant >>
Benzene Butyl Alcohol >> Coal Bed Methane
Binder Butylene Oxide Coal Gas
Biocide >> Calsoft L-40 Cobalt Sulfate Solution
Biodiesel Canola Oil Coke Gas
Bio-Fuel Carbon Dioxide Gas Coker Antifoam
Blandol Carbon Feed 1032 Conathane EN-2010 Part B
Bleach >> Carbon Monoxide Gas Conathane EN-3010 Part B
Blood Carbon Tetrachloride Condensate
Blood Solution Casein Continuum AE 315
Blue DEF Castor Oil Conversion Enzyme
Blue Dye Catalyst Copper Collector Reagent
Boiler Treatment Chemical Catalyst/Toluene Mix Copper Sulfate Solution
Brayco 889 Catalyst-Organic Peroxide Core Shell 71306
Brine Solution Catalyst-Xylene Corrosion Inhibitor
Bromine Caustic Soda Cortrol IS 3000
Bubreak 4330 Caustic Solution Cottonseed Oil
Buffer Solution Cell Culture Media Crepe Plus 97
Butadiene Chelant Crepe Plus Coating
Butane Chemlok Adhesive Crude Oil
Butane / Butene Mixture Chlorate Electrolyte Cumene Hydroperoxide
Butane Chlorine Gas (Dry) Curative
Butanol Chloramines >> Cyclohexane

Fluids ‘D’ through ‘E’

D1035 Polymer w/Abrasive Pac Dilbit Enzyme
D2O Heavy Water Dimethoxymethane Epoxy Resin
Dabco T-9 Catalyst Dimethylacetamide Epoxy-Based Ink
Darvan 7 Dimethylamine Epsom Salt Solution
Decane Dimethyldisulfide Erythromycin Slurry Solution
Dechlorinator Dispersant Ethane Gas
Defoamer >> Dodecyl Mercaptan Ethanol >>
Deoxygenated Water Sodium Chloride Solution Ethanol Glycol
Descaling Liquid Dow 200 Food Grade Ethanol Vapor
Detergent Dow Frost Glycol Ethanol, Propanol, Butanol & Pentane
Dexron VI Dow 346 Ethoxylated Teritiary Amine
Dextrose Solution Dowenol Ethyl Acetate w/ Active Polymer
Diamine Dowtherm Ethyl Acrylate
Dichlorosilane Dowtherm A / Therminol Ethyl Chloride
Diesel #2 Drewplus L477 Ethylbenzene
Diesel Exhaust DTOX Ethylene
Diesel Fuel Dupont Teflon PTFE Ethylene Butylene Propylene Oxide
Diethanolamine Dye Ethylene Dichloride
Diethyl Toluene Diamine Catalyst Fluid Dynamic Bearing Oil Ethylene Gas
Diethylamine Emerest Ethylene Glycol Solution
Diethylene Glycol Emerest 2648 Ethylene Oxide
Difluoroethylene Vapor Emerest 268 Ethyleneamine
Digester Gas Emulsion Ethylenediamine
. Emulsion Breaker

Fluids ‘F’ through ‘I’

Fatty Acid Gelatin Solution Hydrazine
Faxam-22 Glacial Acetic Acid Hydrocarbon Condensate
FC-72 Glacial Acetic Acid w/Hydrocarbons Hydrocarbon Gas
Fermcolase 1000F Glucose Solution Hydrocarbon Inhibiter
Fermentation Media Glue Hydrocarbon Liquid
Ferric Chloride Solution Glycerine Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)
Ferrocene/Sulfur/Xylene Mixture Glycerol, 50% Hydrocyanic Acid Absorber
Flare Gas Glycol Hydrocyanic Acid Enricher
Flavor Additive Grape Sugar Solution Hydrocyanic Acid Enricher Tails
Flavored Oil Grease Hydrocyanic Acid/Phosphate Stripper
Fleetcol Green Silicon Carbide Hydrofluoric Acid
Fleetquest Hamp-Ex 80 Hydrofluorosilicic Acid >>
Flue Gas HC Fuel Gas Hydrogen
Fluorine Gas HCN Enricher Tails Hydrogen Bromide
Fluorinert-72/77 Heat Transfer Oil Hydrogen Chloride Gas
Food Additive Heat Transfer Oil #46 Hydrogen Chloride Vapor
Food Grade Oil Heavy Rolling Oil Hydrogen Peroxide >>
Formaldehyde Exhaust Heavy Water Hydrogen Sulfide
Formaldehyde Solution Helium Hydroxypropyl Acrylate
Freon R-350 / R134A Hemicell Igepal RC 520
Frother Heptane Ink
FT-303 Hexane Innospec DCI-4A
Fuel Gas High Density Polyethylene Polymer Irgalite Blue Dye
Fuel Oil High PH Boiler Treatment Chemical Isobutane
Fuel Oil #2 Hot Melt Glue Isobutene
Fuelsolv FMG 2920 / 2960 >> Hydraulic Fluid Isocyanate Curing Agent
Functional Siloxane Hydraulic Oil Isopar
Furfural Hydraulic Oil (Mil Spec H-5606) Isoprene
Gasoline Hydraulic Oil (Mil Spec H83282) Isopropyl Alcohol >>

Fluids ‘J’ through ‘M’

Jet Fuel 8 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Methane
Jet Fuel A Liquid Catalyst Methanol >>
K Resin Liquid Chlorine >> Methanol Formaldehyde Vapor
Kathon Liquid Colorant Methanol Vapor
Kerosene Liquid Ethylene Oxide Methionine Solution
Kleistase T10S Liquid Pentane Methyl Acetate
Land Fill Gas Flare Liquid Plastic Methyl Chloride
Laquer Liquid Propane Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Larostat Liquid Propylene Methyl Hydrogen Polysiloxane
Latex Adhesive Liquid Resin Methyl Iodide
Latex Binder Liquid Silicone Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether
Lecithin Liquid Sucralose Methylal
Leucophor B-302 Liquid Sulfur Microcrystalline Wax
Leucophor T4 Liquid Sulfur Dioxide Milk
Lewisite Liquid UF6 Mineral Insulating Oil
Lexsol Oil Loop Seal Air Mineral Oil
Light Machine Oil LS 75W-90 Oil Mineral Oil W/Sodium Amide
Light Mineral Oil Lube Oil Mineral Spirits
Light Oil Lupersol DDM-9 Mint Oil Flavoring
Light Veg Oil Luviskol Mobil 1 Oil
Lime Flavoring Magnesium Oxide Solution Mobil Aero HF
Lime Slurry Magnesium Sulfonate >> Mobil DTE 26
Liquid Alum >> Maleic Anhydride Mobil Pegasus Motor Oil
Liquid Ammonia Mercaptan Molasses
Liquid Boron Trichloride Mercaptan, Dodecyl Molten Sulfur
Liquid Bromine Mercaptan, Ethyl Molten Wax
Liquid Butane Metabisulfite, Aqueous Monochlorobenzene
Liquid Butane / Hexane Mixture Metacure T-12 Catalyst Monsanto Dequest Acid 2010
Liquid Butene Metasulfite, Aqueous Morgoil

Fluids ‘N’ through ‘Q’

Nacure Catalyst Organic Peroxide Polymer Solution >>
Nalco 1393T Oxygen Gas Polymer w/Poly-Alum Chloride >>
Nalco 5403 Oxygen Scavenger Polymeric MDI
Nalco 640D O-Xylene Polyol Catalyst
Nalco 663Xdp Ozone Polyolefin Lube Stock
Nalco 7470 Antifoam Paint Polypropylene Glycol
Nalco 7879 P-Diethylbenzene Polytergent
Nalco EC 1064A Pentane Polyvinyl Acetate Glue
Nalco EC 1592A Pentanedione-Acetylacetone Potassium Formate
Nalco EC 6542A Perfluorocarbon Potassium Hydroxide
Nalcoat 2610 Perfume Potassium Permanganate Solution
Naptha Pergasol Red 4/G Praxair 4018A Slurry
Natural Gas Pergasol Red Dye Process Oil-Faxam 22
Nitric Acid Peroxide Propanol
Nitrogen Petroleum Jelly/Alcohol Mixture Propane Butane Fuel Gas
Nitrogen Trifluoride Phenol Propane Liquid
Nutrient Solution Phosphoric Acid Propane Vapor
Nyosil-M25 Phosphoric Acid / Nickel 95% Propylene, 5% Propane
Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane Pigment Ink Proplylene Glycol
Oil Polish Propylene Gas
Oil Based Defoamer Polyacryacid Propylene Liquid
Oil Based Paint Polybutene H-300 Propylene Oxide
Oil, 30WT Polyelectroylye Solution Protea M-326 >>
Olefin, C4-C40 Polyether Polyol Protein Solution
Oleic Acid Polyethylene Glycol PTFE Teflon
Olestra Polyethylene Polymer P-Toluenesulfonic Acid
Orange Flavoring Polymer Quakerol HB-15
Organic Bromine Compound Polymer in Mineral Oil Quarternary Ammonium >>

Fluids ‘R’ through ‘S’

Rapeseed Oil Shell Turbo T32 Sodium Tetrasulfide Solution
Reactint Dye Silane Liquid Sodium Chloride Solution
Red Diesel Silica Dust Solution Soybean Oil w/ Methionine Solution
Red Dye Silica Inhibitor Soybean Oil
Red Dye A-4G Silicon Base Sparkle Flux WF
Red Dye Resin Silicon Carbide Stoddard Solvent
Refrigerant/Oil Mixture Silicon Tetrachloride Strawberry Fluid
Release Agent Silicon/Xylene Strawberry/Vanilla Flavoring
Release Agent 565 Silicone Oil Strip Effluent
Release Plus 863 Siliconized Polymer Coating Styrex 20
Resin Siloxane/Acrylate Solution Styrex 32
Rezosol Silver Iodide & 190 Proof Ethanol Styrex 50D
Rezosol 8223 Snow Seed Sucrose Solution
Rigidizor W Snow Trace Sugar Solution
Rocket Engine Propellent Sodium Bisulfite Solution Sulfaguard 625
SAE 50 Oil Sodium Chlorite Solution Sulfite
Saline Sodium Hydroxide Sulfolane
Salt Solution Sodium Hypochloride >> Sulfonate
Salt Solution w/Protein Sodium Hypochlorite >> Sulfur Dioxide Gas
Scalant Sodium Metabisulfite Sulfur/Xylene/Ferrocene Mixture
Scale Inhibitor >> Sodium Nitrate Solution Sulfuric Acid
Scaletrol 7655 Sodium Persulfate Sunflower Oil
Scavenger Liquid Sodium Polymethylacrylate Solution Superfloc C-1500 Flocculant
Seawater Sodium Polysulfide Solution >> Surfactant
Sequestering Agent Sodium Silicate Sweet Water
Shell Dexron III Sodium Sulfate Syngas
Shell Flex 1210 Sodium Sulfite Solution Synthetic Alkyl Benzene

Fluids ‘T’ through ‘Z’

T100 Bottoms Cement Trace Oil Vinylmethylether
T-22 Fatty Acid Transmission Fluid Viscor
TB200 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Trichlorosilane Vita-Gel
Tertiary-Butyl Peroxyacetate Triethyl Phosphite Vitamin Fluid
Tertiary-Butyl Catechol In Methanol Triflouroacetic Acid Vitec 3000
Tertiary-Butyl Peroxyacetate Triisopropanolamine Wacker AK 50
Tetra Methyl Ethylenediamine Tungsten Hexafluoride Wacker AK10
Tetrachlorosilane Tyroid Solution Wacker BS 68
Tetrafluoroethane Ucon – Heat Transfer Fluid Wacker Liquid 409
Tetrafluoroethylene Unicrepe Water
Tetrahydrofuran Uranium Hexafluoride Wax
Tetramethyl Ethylene Diamine Uranyl Nitrate Solution Way Lube #68 (60 Cp)
Texaco Gear Oil #9622 Urea Solution WF6 Gas
Texaco Rando HD32 Urethane Hardener Wheat Straw Slurry
Therminol 59 Urethane W/ Solvents Xylene
Thionylchloride UV Curable Dye Xylene/Ferrocene/Sulfur Mixture
Thiourea Variquat Yellow Dye
Titanium Dioxide Slurry Varnish Zinc Chromate Solution
Titanium Tetrachloride Vegetable Oil Zinc Ortho
Toluene Velocite Oil #6 Zinc Oxide Dispersion
Toluenesulfonic Acid Solution
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