RheoVac® Condenser Performance Monitor

RheoVac Condenser Performance Monitor Rental Service

Planning an outage for maintenance and repairs to known or suspected condenser air in-leaks? Monitoring the air in-leak and vacuum system performance before and after provides immediate confirmation of efforts. A RheoVac instrument rental will eliminate assumptions and guesswork by:

Exhauster capacity data collected with the RheoVac Multi-Sensor Probe
  • Identifying trends in air in-leakage
  • Quantifying air in-leak
  • Validating leaks found by helium detection
  • Confirming repairs have reduced air in-leak
  • Directly measuring vacuum pump or steam jet air exhauster performance

The graph to the right shows the results of a pump capacity test using a RheoVac system. The volumetric flow rate of each pump is measured, running each of two pumps individually. Volumetric flow rate is a direct measurement of pump capacity, allowing pump performance to be examined while the unit is online (black plot shown in the graph). The volumetric flow rate measured by the RheoVac’s system is representative of capacity at the operating suction pressure and temperature of a constant volume device, such as a liquid ring vacuum pump (LRVP).

Data collected with RheoVac system before and after maintenance

The graph to the left shows the results of air in-leak repairs made by the plant as measured by the RheoVac system. Comparing the RheoVac system data collected before and after air in-leak repairs are made allows the user to quantify the results of the repairs.

Complete details on how one RheoVac system user was able to use the system to analyze air in-leak data and recognize significant cost savings are available in the following white paper: Air In-Leak Case Study (PDF download).

How Does It Work?
Installing a ball valve assembly into your condenser air off-take line is the first step to gain the ability to useBionetics’ RheoVac Air In-Leak Monitor for gathering the data necessary to answer the questions above. Ball valve assemblies are available for purchase from Bionetics. View instructions on how to install a ball valve assembly for a RheoVac probe here (PDF download).

RheoVac systems are available for rent from Bionetics. Contact us for availability. Once installed, data collected by the system can be accessed via a local display or Ethernet output. Data is also stored locally on the main electronics and can be sent to Bionetics for analysis and recommendations.

Looking to justify owning a RheoVac system?
Renting allows you to get the RheoVac monitor you need for the exact amount of time you need it, providing savings over purchasing a system to prove its value. After the rental period, justifying the purchase of a new system to provide continuous real-time monitoring of your condenser’s performance is much easier based on the savings identified during the rental. Let us help you calculate the ROI of owning a RheoVac Condenser Monitoring System. Contact us today!