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Condenser Performance Evaluation

Bionetics has advanced the understanding of condenser performance analysis by developing methods to identify individual root-cause mechanisms of excess backpressure, which historically have been lumped into one parameter – the cleanliness factor. These advanced methods point to identifiable sources of excess backpressure such as circulating water flow, micro and macro fouling, and air storage which can then be targeted for correction. Using this approach, Bionetics offers a well-rounded service portfolio designed to help customers develop a better understanding of advanced condenser performance, empowering them to troubleshoot and solve condenser problems with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

Comprehensive Condenser Performance Analysis

The process used by Bionetics to analyze the performance of your condenser includes evaluation of operating conditions, excess back pressure calculation and identification, and assessment of vacuum pump performance.  It also includes root cause analysis of excess back pressure, excess DO, and upset conditions. A detailed written condenser evaluation is provided along with yearly condenser performance reviews, and quarterly updates.  This service is like adding a team of knowledgeable engineers to your staff who will regularly review condenser performance, help with troubleshooting and make specific suggestions for obtaining optimal condenser performance.

Our unique four-step process for condenser performance evaluation includes:

Step 1: Basic Evaluation – Plant Data & Drawing Review

Bionetics reviews condenser drawings and various historical data as a first step in evaluating the customer identified operating deficiencies. Potential causes for performance, condensate chemistry or operational problems are identified. It is often found that calibration of existing instrumentation or new instrumentation is necessary to conduct an accurate performance assessment.

Step 2: Condenser Inspection and Instrumentation  

Bionetics engineers enter and inspect the condenser to confirm that drawings and as is configuration are the same. Details of as built condenser configuration are sometimes different from that which is shown in drawings. The inspection outage is also an opportunity to install additional instrumentation.

Step 3: Advanced Performance Evaluation – Problem Analysis and Economic Impact

Bionetics provides evaluation of the condenser performance as well as an assessment of potential performance improvement. Different improvement options with expected results are identified. Information to support a decision to proceed with an engineered retrofit design or to consider other corrective actions is provided in a comprehensive analysis report.

Step 4 – Performance Improvement Plan including Engineering Design, Modeling, and Support

Recommendations and design for retrofitting the condenser are provided. A complete engineered retrofit solution including consultation, construction inspection and post start-up assistance to review quality of work and to quantify improvements are included in this final step.

Dramatic Performance Improvements.

Bionetics’ condenser performance engineering services have successfully achieved lower operating pressures than original design values, significant reductions of condensate dissolved gases, and greatly increased immunity to air in-leakage up to exhauster capacity. Condenser retrofit projects by Bionetics have achieved actual values of 1.0”Hg lower condenser pressure, condensate dissolved oxygen under 5 ppb (before the condensate pump), immunity to air in-leakage of 80 SCFM, and 5 to 10MW of increased generation.

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