Step 4: Performance Improvement Plan

Bionetics provides solutions to plant engineers, chemists and managers having challenging condenser-related issues such as:

  • Chronic high DO or corrosion related to feedwater chemistry
  • Historical lost load or future requirements for additional condenser duty
  • Recognized poor condenser performance

Bionetics uses its comprehensive  four step process for understanding and addressing the root causes of condenser issues. Throughout the process, we provide evaluation of condenser performance as well as an assessment of potential performance improvement for issues such as indicated above. Our engineering team will identify different improvement options with expected results based on current plant operations, taking into account any planned condenser projects such as retubing or vacuum equipment upgrades. Information to support a decision to proceed with an engineered retrofit design or to consider other corrective actions is provided in a comprehensive analysis report which includes economic payback analysis (typically 1 year or less).

Intek Condenser Retrofit DesignHow it Works

Bionetics Engineers review the data gathered from the performance evaluation stage and perform a detailed system analysis of the condenser and its related systems. From this analysis, a report identifying areas in need of improvement is prepared. If it is determined that operational changes alone will not lead to optimal performance, then recommendations for condenser retrofits are included in an overall performance improvement plan.

Condenser tube layoutsWhy Bionetics?

One important element that makes Bionetics unique is that we have developed key instruments that are necessary to implement a high-quality condenser performance monitoring program. We have the knowledge from measurement and examination of the inadequacies of many condenser designs in hundreds of plants around the world. This knowledge, coupled with our engineering expertise, enables us to comprehensively understand the root causes for excess condenser pressure and condensate dissolved gases. Not all who examine condenser behavior have taken advantage of measurement data to gain understanding of the condensation process. The Bionetics engineering team has done this. The results of retrofits we have performed provide proof of this unique knowledge and, more importantly, performance improvement results.

Visit our Case Studies library to learn about the types of improvements others who have worked with us have experienced.

For more details about Bionetics’ unique four-step process for condenser performance evaluation and improvement, download our Condenser Performance Solutions booklet (pdf).