Performance Training for Engineers/Managers

Bionetics offers a unique workshop designed for personnel responsible for plant performance, particularly as it relates to the water side of the plant. Anyone responsible for reducing forced outages, reducing heat rate, controlling corrosion, or improving condenser performance will benefit from participation in this workshop.

The experts at Bionetics developed this program to provide insight into the complex dynamics of condensers and the root causes of issues that affect condenser performance. You will learn new methods and measurements to more easily diagnose the causes of problems, how to take appropriate corrective actions, and when to use outside services to improve performance, save time, effort and money for your company. Case studies, using real data from power plants throughout the country, will be used to illustrate how you can make decisions that have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Bionetics can also bring this workshop to your facility. Contact Us to request more information on the workshop or to schedule an onsite program for your facility.