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We support customers in transforming
their concepts into functional
applications and systems.
Check out the slide show
at the bottom to see some of our work.
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We have CLAD certified developers,
electrical engineers and
mechanical engineers capable of
handling any project.
We have an extensive code base
and will soon be releasing packages
through VI Package Manager.
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Agile software development practices
help us stay lean and fast
at meeting customer
application requirements.

We have over 15 years of combined LabVIEW experience across multiple large-scale applications and LabVIEW development versions. We are located in Central Ohio and are able to assist in multiple stages of your project.

Software Development Cycle
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We can assist your project early in the planning review stage by helping to advise on hardware integrations and software architecture choices. Our team has experienced software, electrical, and mechanical engineers that can support any hardware or software challenges.

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We can help outline the specifications of the application and work with your team to develop requirement documents for both the hardware and software. We can also assist in creating a test strategy to ensure reliable and safe operation.

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We have a team of engineers and CLAD certified LabVIEW developers who will help you complete your project. Our electrical, mechanical, and software engineers can call upon the knowledge, skills, existing code, or hardware designs from the rest of the team. By utilizing a collaborative environment and agile development methodologies we are able to provide cost effective solutions in an efficient timeframe.

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We can provide an independent review of your software and/or hardware application. We will create a verification plan customized for your application and ensure that it is checked for functionality and critical conditions. One of our experienced LabVIEW engineers can also perform a code review and provide feedback on style, performance, maintainability, and scalability.

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We understand that instruments fail and requirements change. We can support your engineering team in upgrading hardware and/or software. We can also support your engineering team in transitioning between LabVIEW versions. Our CLAD certified engineers are capable of supporting your LabVIEW applications back to LabVIEW 6.1.

Check out some of our work

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