Packaged Instrument Systems

This system was originally developed to support Intek’s condenser services team. The system is a Windows embedded OS operating on an industrial PC. Instrument data acquisition, instrument control and user interface is all programmed using LabVIEW. The LabVIEW architecture uses instrument libraries to facilitate the addition of custom instruments. The system is full of features that can meet the needs of any packaged system Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

Features of the system include:

  • Industrial PC and assembly proven for long-term reliability and industrial environments – every unit is temperature cycled and vibration tested
  • Windows OS configured for embedded systems and the proven hardware
  • CF drive for the OS – write protected for long term stable operation
  • SSD for stand-alone data storage
  • Rugged LCD designed for industrial environments
  • User Interface has layout for displaying system summary information, sub-system details, raw real time data, system diagnostics and control; each page is accessible via selectable menu tabs
  • Custom Plotter with the ability to save plot configuration
  • Data download to USB stick for transferring data manually
  • Calculation Engine for calculating outputs from measured values
  • Standard communication protocols TCP Modbus and OPC, Ethernet, WiFi radio optional, VNC server-client
  • Instrument Inputs: RS-485 (various protocols), 4-20mA

Intek will integrate your chosen sensors/instruments and customize the user interface for a small fee to cover programming effort. Click here for more details on our LabVIEW consulting and development capabilities.

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