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Cooling System Performance Evaluation

Cooling System Performance Evaluation

Rising ambient temperatures have the potential to impact the operating efficiency of a thermal power plant due to changes in cooling system performance. To minimize this impact, the overall performance of the cooling system – condenser, cooling water system, and air removal – should be evaluated to ensure that they are operating optimally.

Bionetics has established itself as a leader in solving condenser-related problems and improving condenser performance for numerous customers over the past 20+ years. Some of the key areas of concern that may result from poor cooling system performance include:

  • High Condenser Pressure
  • Excess Air In-Leakage
  • Low Exhauster Capacity
  • Low Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Low Cleanliness Factor
  • Tube Fouling
  • Dissolved Gases (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, etc.)
  • Corrosion

The process used by Bionetics to assess and analyze the performance of your condenser includes evaluation of operating conditions, excess back pressure calculation and identification, assessment of exhauster performance, and leak testing.  It also includes root cause analysis of excess back pressure, excess DO, and upset conditions. In many cases, a physical inspection of the condenser and cooling system components may also be recommended.
A detailed written report is provided along with recommendations for actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the impact of cooling system issues.

The most common services performed during a system evaluation include:

  • Condenser Performance Testing
    Quantifies key performance parameters including: total cooling water flow, excess back pressure, cleanliness factor, percent of tubes obstructed among others
  • Cooling Water CFD Analysis
    Identify cooling water flow problems such as clogging/fouling and waterbox design-related issues
  • LVRP or SJAE Capacity and Leak Testing
    Leak testing and evaluation of vacuum equipment capacity and performance against design values to determine potential condenser performance impact (e.g., excess air in-leak)
  • Condenser Inspection
    Bionetics engineers inspect the condenser to compare design drawings with the actual configuration and identify possible problems within the condenser.
  • Performance Training for Engineers and Managers
    Bionetics’ condenser experts provide training on key concepts of condenser design and how to diagnose potential condenser problems

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