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Bionetics has supplied liquid and gas instrumentation for numerous applications across several industries. The list below is a representative sample of some of the key industries using Bionetics’  versatile thermal mass flow instrumentation and services (click on the industry name for further information).

Custom flow meter designs for aerospace applications is an Bionetics specialty. Our long history with NASA, private space companies and aerospace contractors, makes us uniquely suited to solve your aerospace flow measurement challenge. Bionetics has made passivated flowmeters suitable for operation in a vacuum, on the space shuttle, on the space station and on autonomous satellites.

Biotech / Pharmaceutical
Bionetics’  TU and TUL flow sensors have an unrestricted tube and high-temperature design that is ideal for chemical or steam sterilization. In addition, the Rheotherm® flow controller can measure and control low flow rates to provide simple dosing control for continuous manufacturing processes. Bionetics also manufactures a specialty flow instrument for high-voltage electrospinning operations.

Chemical / Petrochemical
Chemical compatibility and low maintenance sensor designs make Rheotherm flow meters and flow switches ideal for most chemical applications, including sterile corrosive, or hazardous environments. Bionetics Flow Meters can tackle a wide variety of process fluids from viscous lubricants to high temperature coolants.

Extraction Industry
Bionetics’ unique measurement approach offers convenient solutions to the botanical oil extraction industry. Rheotherm flowmeters can be Class 1 Div 1 FM or ATEX rated explosion proof to measure ethanol and hydrocarbon flow as well as high-pressure rated to measure supercritical CO2 flow. In addition, the Rheodapt™ product line can maintain flow measurement accuracy in your extraction process by adapting to changing density or pressure conditions.

Food and Beverage Processing
Bionetics’  straight through TU and TUL sensor designs have no internal seals or perturbations making them the ideal instrument for sanitary grade food and beverage applications. With tri-clover fittings, all-stainless construction, and high temperature capabilities, these instruments can be easily cleaned and sterilized. Bionetics performs in-house calibrations on a wide variety of fluids, allowing us to provide flowmeters for applications from ethanol flow for distilleries to viscous chicken fat flow for meat processing.

Industrial Drying
Bionetics’ RheoVac® multi-sensor systems can provide important measurements to fine-tune the efficiency of your vacuum or heat drying process. The RheoVac can separate the steam/water vapor and air flow components and measure the water mass flow rate, allowing you to optimize your drying efficiency and indicate when your product is fully dried.

Natural Gas Service
High reliability, wide rangeability (25-25,000 SCFM), and measurement repeatability make Rheotherm flow meters and flow switches well-suited for natural gas and stack gas flow monitoring.

Nuclear Power Generation
Bionetics provides services and instrumentation for monitoring and optimizing nuclear power generation processes, including seismic analysis engineering services, RheoVac condenser monitors, and radiation-hardened flow instruments.

Since the early 1980’s, Rheotherm flow meters with high-reliability radiation hardened sensors have been used in services such as UF6, fuel reprocessing, nuclear power plant vent gas, and other radioactive environments.

Oil and Gas Production
Chemical compatibility and low maintenance sensor designs make Rheotherm flow meters and flow switches ideal for most chemical applications, including aggressive and explosive environments.

Power Generation
Measurement of condenser air in-leakage and other parameters provides critical information to aid in operating a steam surface condenser at peak efficiency. RheoVac instruments are a complete solution for monitoring condenser air removal flow by venting equipment. Bionetics can also manufacture specialty measurement instruments including steam-jacketed corrosion-resistant, and submersible flow meters.

Pulp & Paper
Rheotherm flow meters and flow switches are ideal for measuring the low flow of anything from antifoamers to high-viscosity hardeners and dyes.

Sensor wetted material options include 316L SS UHP, Hastelloy C-276 and quartz. We can even use your tubing, so the sensor material will be the same heat number as the rest of the system.

Water Treatment
Rheotherm flow instruments have a long history of use in the water treatment industry. Bionetics’ Rheotherm flow meters can measure the flow rates of chemical additives and Rheotherm flow controller can provide continuous dosing control to maintain product quality. Bionetics’  instruments are well suited for measuring various chemical additives throughout the water treatment process such as; Copper Sulfate, Aluminum Sulfate and Ferric Sulfate Solutions; Various Flocculants, Fluorides, and Chlorine Treatments.

Wastewater Treatment
From the low flow measurement of chemical additives, to the demanding conditions of digester gas service, Rheotherm flow meters and flow switches provide useful solutions to the wastewater industry.

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