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New Exclusive Workshop from Intek!

Condenser Performance: Essential Monitoring, Air In-Leakage Valuation, and Reporting

This online workshop, presented through Energy-Tech University, includes case studies and technical materials that have been demonstrated to be impactful on plant engineers and managers. The presentation will include general knowledge about condenser design and operation, as well as information that highlights best practices, efficient troubleshooting, essential fundamentals, and valuable condenser performance related tools and analysis techniques.

Information presented will cover nearly all maintenance and design related performance deficiencies but will have a primary focus on budget-minded instrumentation, air in-leakage, and condenser upgrade potential.

For additional information and to view the recording, click here. 

Energy-Tech University Presented as part of the Energy-Tech University online curriculum.


Online Course – Condenser Performance Essentials

An exclusive online course from Intek for power plant engineers and managers that will demonstrate methods for calculating and monitoring condenser performance.

For more information and to view the recording of the live session, click here. 

Energy-Tech University Presented as part of the Energy-Tech University online curriculum.


Logo-40thAnnIntek Celebrates 40 Years of Technology Leadership

Since its founding, Intek has always strived to find solutions to customers’ problems by applying advanced technologies and innovative engineering design.

From our first innovation in flow measurement technology to measure low liquid flows that are still unique in industry today, to creative solutions implemented for the space program, to our advanced understanding of steam surface condensers, Intek has always been recognized for its technical excellence, commitment to quality and customer service.

To learn more about Intek’s history and accomplishments, click here. 

Attention Power Plant Personnel!

sad condenser

Intek’s Annual RheoVac Condenser Operations and Management Workshop

Learn how to troubleshoot your condenser and make effective decisions to improve condenser performance.

The next workshop has not yet been scheduled. Check back for updates.

Contact Us for more information about the workshop details and schedule.


Press Releases

ASME Heat Exchanger Committee selects paper presented by Dr. Tim Harpster for publication

The paper presented by Dr. Tim Harpster at the ASME 2017 Power & Energy Conference, “Instrumentation for the Advancement of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design or for Implementing an Upgrade via a Retrofit Process”, was selected as the best paper for publication by the organization’s Heat Exchanger Committee.

The paper describes a new approach for designing and implementing upgrades to shell and tube condensers for improved performance using advanced instrumentation and analysis. The paper can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here: Instrumentation for the Advancement of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design.

ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions Uses Rheotherm Model 210
in High-Temperature Reactor

ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions, based in Berlin, solved a difficult application challenge in their Vinyl Acetate Monomer Reactor using Intek’s Rheotherm Model 210. The process, which involves extremely high temperatures and low flow rates, could not be controlled using most commercial thermal mass or Coriolis mass flow controllers. The application required the selection and integration of both a flow sensor and a control valve capable of handling both the high temperature and the corrosive acid used in the process. They chose to use a high-temperature Intek flow meter combined with an Equilibar dome-loaded multiple orifice control valve.

The white paper describing the solution can also be viewed and downloaded by clicking here: ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions Uses Equilibar to Provide Flow Control for High Temperature Vinyl Acetate Monomer Reactor (PDF).

Performance Improvement Opportunities
During a Condenser Retube

In this article featured on Energy-Tech Magazine’s Heat Exchanger Series, details on how a critically under-performing condenser at Minnesota Power’s Boswell Energy Center was upgraded by Intek using their 4-Step Condenser Performance Evaluation process. Read the article at Energy-Tech’s website by clicking here.

The article can also be downloaded by clicking here: Energy-Tech June 2017 Article-Boswell Upgrade (PDF).

Condenser Monitoring Instrumentation Identifies Abnormal Condition

This article describes how Intek’s condenser instrumentation, which was installed to monitor condenser performance at East Kentucky Power Cooperative’s Spurlock Generating Station, helped the plant to identify an abnormal condition caused by debris in the cooling water before it caused major damage to the system. Read the article at Energy-Tech’s website by clicking here.

Condenser Performance Response to Air Ingress (Air In-Leak) and Exhauster Operation

In this article, Intek engineers explain how the measurement of a new parameter provided exclusively by Intek’s RheoVac Air In-Leak Monitor can help identify the source of condenser performance issues including excess back pressure, reduced heat rate and output, increased DO and other performance-stealing problems. Read the article at Energy-Tech’s website by clicking here.

Condenser Retrofits: Upgrading Condensers without Adding Tubes or Changing Tube Material

This webinar, hosted by Energy-Tech magazine, is now available for viewing at your convenience. Click here to view the webinar recording.

Power Magazine article: Improve Condenser PerformanceThrough Better Instrumentation

This linked article discusses the value power generation plants receive from having appropriate online monitoring of plant parameters. One of the Case Studies looks at a plant’s experience with real-time air in-leakage monitoring. Read more by clicking here.

Installation of Steam Side Retrofit Results In Lower Condenser Pressure (0.6-1.0″ HgA)

Performance study by Intek on an Ingersoll Rand and a Westinghouse condenser concluded that the condensers were under performing. Intek’s advanced instrumentation subsequently identified air storage in the steam space as the main culprit for the poor performance. A condenser retrofit to both units designed by Intek and installed during a retubing outage eliminated the air storage and significantly improved condenser performance. Read more (PDF)

Circulating Water Flow and Fouling Meters: A New Tool for Reducing Back Pressure

An article in Energy-Tech magazine highlights the valuable information provided by Intek’s unique Circulating Water Flow and Fouling (CWFF) meters. Part of the Rheotherm family of precision flow instruments used in power plants, these CWFF meters gave the subject power plant a look at the water flow conditions in the circulating water system in an effort to combat microbiological influenced corrosion. In addition, a clearer picture was obtained of circulating pump operation, debris flushing efforts, and eductor plugging. Read the article (PDF)

Helping a Nuclear Power Plant Solve a Problem

Based on Intek’s extensive experience with condenser operation and design, a nuclear power plant came to Intek for a solution to their unique problem. An issue encountered during outage work in the condenser needed to be accurately, and quickly, analyzed. A thorough analysis of the problem, with a specific recommendation was provided within a week. Read more (PDF)

Optimizing Condenser Performance: A Case Study

Intek undertook a project to improve the performance of a 37 year old condenser during a retubing outage. Since coming back on line after the retrofit, the plant has achieved record low condenser pressures for equivalent operating conditions, record low condenser condensate DO levels below 4 ppb, a 200% increase in polisher resin life, and a 6% heat rate reduction for the two years following the retrofit outage. Read more (PDF)

Industry Publications

1. Harpster, J.W. Principal Investigator

“Air In-Leakage and Intrusion Prevention Guidelines” EPRI ID no. 1014125. Published 2008; please look for it.

2. Harpster, J.W. contributing Author

“Performance Monitoring Guidelines for Power Plants” ASME Codes and Standards. Published 2010; please look for it.

Paper Presentations

Condenser Performance: Meaningful Data with Minimal Instruments

In this presentation from the EPRI Condenser Technology Conference, Intek engineers Collin Eckel and Dr. Tim Harpster describe the instruments developed by Intek for shell and tube heat exchangers and their measurements made in operating large scale condenser units. The results obtained from analyzing the data provided by these instruments have been used to design upgrades for underperforming steam surface condensers.

Dr. Tim Harpster EPRI Presentation
Dr. Tim Harpster presents at the 2017 EPRI Conference Audience

The slides can be downloaded by clicking here: EPRI Condenser Technology 2017 – Minimal Instruments (PDF).

Click here for a complete listing of power industry papers presented by Intek.


We look forward to seeing you at the following shows and exhibits:

2018 Impact of Cycling Power Conference June 12, 2018 Rogers, AR Continuous Air In-Leak Monitoring  Yes
Southern Company Generation Technical Conference August 21 – 22, 2018 Birmingham, AL RheoVac System Operations and Maintenance  Yes
2018 Combined Cycle Users Group Annual Conference August 27 – 30, 2018 Louisville, KY Identification and Quantification of
Condenser Air In-Leak
2018 Condenser Life Cycle Seminar September 10 – 12, 2018 New Orleans, LA Condenser Performance Monitoring with Advanced Instrumentation, 2018 Updates Yes
2018 Air-Cooled Condenser Users Group Annual Conference October 8 – 10, 2018 Colorado Springs, CO None Yes
Condenser Operations and Management Workshop TBA 2018 Columbus, OH Contact Us for details

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