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“Essential Monitoring for Quickly Identifying & Repairing Air in-leak Sources”

This webinar presents case studies highlighting a new process for repairing air in-leaks which combines leaks identified through a condenser helium leak audit with condenser vent line air in-leakage measurements using a RheoVac® Multi-Sensor Probe (MSP). This approach allows the user to quantify and quickly locate individual air in-leaks to expedite their repair and restore operating performance.

The MSP, which is installed in the vent line between the condenser and exhauster, directly measures and continuously calculates the condenser’s total air in-leakage rate. Data from the MSP allows for narrowing the search areas for potential leaks thereby reducing the overall time and increasing the success in locating and repairing leaks. The readings from the MSP quantifies the impact of each repaired leak. The user can then be certain that the condenser’s total air in-leakage has been reduced to an acceptable level.

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“Condenser Retrofits: Upgrading Condensers without Adding Tubes or Changing Tube Materials”

Performance and efficiency of the condenser in power generation can have a significant impact overall plant profitability. A poorly performing condenser can result in higher fuel costs and degraded power output. Recognizing this, many plants undertake projects to upgrade and/or modify the condenser to improve its performance – ranging in cost from hundreds of thousands to over one million dollars.

In this webinar, an alternative approach to upgrading steam surface condensers to improve plant performance is discussed. This approach is much less costly, can usually be completed in a relatively short time, and can result in performance improvements beyond the alternatives.

Exclusive Workshop from Bionetics!

Condenser Performance: Essential Monitoring, Air In-Leakage Valuation, and Reporting

This online workshop includes case studies and technical materials that have been demonstrated to be impactful for plant engineers and managers. The presentation will include general knowledge about shell and tube steam surface condenser design and operation, as well as information that highlights best practices, efficient troubleshooting, essential fundamentals, and valuable condenser performance related tools and analysis techniques.

Information presented will cover nearly all maintenance and design related performance deficiencies but will have a primary focus on budget-minded instrumentation, air in-leakage, and condenser upgrade potential. The topics covered include:

Session 1
•  Importance of condenser performance
•  Information and resources needed to effectively monitor condenser performance
•  How to best measure condenser performance
•  Valuation of impact of condenser performance
•  Common mistakes and difficulties encountered when measuring performance
•  State of the art Air In-Leakage testing

Session 2
•  Case studies demonstrating condenser performance calculations
•  Using data to identify and solve performance problems
•  State of the art condenser parameter measurement technology
•  When to consider condenser upgrades and retrofits

To view this workshop, contact Bionetics using the form on this page or by clicking here. 

Online Seminar – Condenser Performance Essentials

This two-part online seminar from Bionetics for power plant engineers and managers will demonstrate methods for calculating and monitoring condenser performance.
After viewing this seminar, you will be able to troubleshoot your condenser with confidence and understand some tools that are available enabling you to be a more efficient Condenser System Owner. The topics covered include:

Part 1
•  Why you should care about condenser performance
•  Information and resources needed to effectively monitor condenser performance
•  How to measure and establish value of condenser performance

Part 2
•  Key parameters to monitor for advanced evaluation of performance
•  Condenser design variations and their impact on performance
•  Ways to address condenser design issues
•  When to consider a condenser retrofit to address design issues
•  Cost and benefits (payback) of condenser retrofits

To view the seminar, contact Bionetics using the form on this page or by clicking here. 

Attention Power Plant Personnel!


Bionetics’ Annual RheoVac Condenser Operations and Management Workshop

Learn how to troubleshoot your condenser and make effective decisions to improve condenser performance.

The next live workshop has not yet been scheduled. Check back for updates.

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