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FTP Data Upload

Bionetics’ Secure File Server is used to share files with Bionetics for information such as:

  • Software upload or download
  • Data file upload or download (e.g., RheoVac data, configuration files)
  • Images/pictures

Access to the site requires login credentials (Login ID, password) provided by Bionetics. Contact us by phone, email or using the form on this page to get your login information.

The Bionetics Secure File Server can be accessed using any internet browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Click here to open a new browser window with the login screen or enter into the browser address bar. This will open a secure browser window – be sure that the URL displayed shows as “https:” and the small lock icon is displayed before entering your login credentials. Your login page should look like this:

FTP login

pdf (1) Instructions for use of Bionetics FTP site

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