Instruments for Natural Gas Service

Highly variable flow rates and tough environmental conditions make these applications especially challenging.

Flare Gas and Venting Measurement

natural gas pumping stationRheotherm flow meters and flow switches provide highly repeatable monitoring of natural gas flow rates. Whether it’s small flow rates in an R&D setting, or large pipe flows to a flare or vent, Rheotherm meters and switches offer a combination of features making them an excellent choice for natural gas service:

  • Mass flow output: measurement is proportional to mass flow which eliminates the need for external temperature or pressure corrections.
  • Fluid compatibility: the no-moving-parts sensors have 316 stainless steel wetted surfaces that stand up well to natural gas over the long haul.
  • Wide turndown capability: with the wide variation of flow rates common for flare or vent gases, normal and low operating flows can be measured, as well as the high flow rates that occur during upset conditions.
  • Hazardous/harsh environment capability: a variety of options are available to provide safe operation in harsh (e.g., outdoor) or hazardous (i.e., explosion proof) environments.

Click here for details on the Rheotherm flow meter used for these applications.


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