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Engineering Design and Consulting

Bionetics was founded on the premise that providing technical solutions to the practical problems facing manufacturing, process, municipal and aerospace industries was of value to its customers. Over the past four decades, with hundreds of successful projects and thousands of products in the field, Bionetics has proven to be an organization dedicated to helping its customers solve their most difficult process measurement and monitoring problems.

Flow Measurement

The advanced thermal technology developed by Bionetics for its Rheotherm line of instruments has been used as the basis for solutions to a number of challenging flow measurements. Some of the most unique applications include measuring the flow of a variety of liquids in zero gravity onboard the space shuttle and the International Space Station, determining the flow rate of the coolant inside nuclear reactors, and measuring water vapor flow in a chemical drying chamber. Let Bionetics solve your flow measurement problem by contacting us today.

Process Monitoring and Control System Design Consulting

With a unique blend of engineering disciplines ranging from electrical, software, mechanical, chemical and aerospace, the Bionetics team can address most process monitoring challenges. Bionetics has applied these skills to develop a unique set of instrumentation to monitor one of the most challenging process environments known, power plant condensers. These same skills also were used to develop a complex thermal control system for a zero gravity zeolite crystal growth furnace.

Our engineers have expertise in the development of integrated hardware/software solutions for testing, process automation and data analysis and visualization. We can work with you to implement your application using our engineering expertise for a fully integrated solution. Contact us using the form on this page to get more information or to set up a consultation.

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