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In the modern thermal power plant, condensers perform the valuable function of converting steam from gas into liquid form in an efficient manner. In practice, however, condensers are prone to developing various issues that interfere with their performance, which ultimately have an adverse effect on plant efficiency. Their enormous size and large number of seals provide plenty of opportunities for the development of defects and inefficiencies, some of which can be very difficult to detect. Common issues afflicting tube and shell surface condensers include air in-leakage, water leaks, and tube fouling.

To manage these issues, Bionetics has designed several unique instruments that promote optimal condenser efficiency and detect common performance problems.

How can Bionetics help me with my condenser performance?

Bionetics brings the analytical tools, one-of-a-kind instrumentation, and a comprehensive condenser knowledge base to the issues of condenser operation and performance. We help industry trade groups write guidelines and standards for various aspects of condenser operation. We manufacture unique instruments for condenser-related measurements, and provide design engineering as well as data monitoring services.

We can:

  • examine all aspects of condenser operation
  • help you continuously acquire the necessary data for performance evaluation
  • interpret that data and provide reports with actionable items
  • provide physical condenser inspection and comprehensive performance diagnostics
  • predict achievable performance improvement goals
  • engineer retrofit modifications with assembly drawings and guidelines
  • provide modification inspections during the construction phase
  • participate in post retrofit testing/performance verification

For more information on our instruments designed to improve condenser performance, please contact us using the form on this page. We would be happy to help you analyze your specific condenser performance issues.



RheoVac Condenser Monitors measure air in-leakage, pump capacity, and other significant parameters to provide a continuous picture of condenser operation. Real-time monitoring grants operators immediate access to condenser data, enabling them to detect performance-related issues so they can be quickly addressed to help minimize impact on performance and, ultimately, save operating cost. This multi-sensor instrument is most typically used to monitor air in-leakage to allow prompt corrective action when needed, but it can be used to generate data on total mass flow, actual volumetric flow, and water vapor-to-air mass ratio which are key operating efficiency parameters of the condenser.

Rheotherm Circulating Water Flow and Fouling Sensors allow you to positively differentiate between steam-side and water-side causes of excessive back pressure by providing operators with information on flow rate, micro-fouling, macro-fouling, thermal and flow stratification, and scaling in individual tubes within the condenser. Rheotherm Circulating Water Flow and Fouling Sensors (CWFF) have an unobstructed flow path and no moving parts, for a maintenance-free tool in helping to determine the precise cause of excess back pressure resulting in the steps necessary to improve condenser performance.

Condenser Monitoring System (CMS) integrates RheoVac instruments and Rheotherm Circulating Water Flow and Fouling Sensors with additional temperature and pressure instrumentation to produce a comprehensive overview of condenser performance. This gives operators relevant data to evaluate multiple facets of condenser performance, including determination of the condenser’s cleanliness factor as well as the sources of any degradation including: waterbox eductors, fouling control systems, cooling water system changes, and degraded or inadequate vacuum equipment capacity.Intek CMS Instruments



Condenser Evaluation and Engineering Services – Our engineering group will evaluate the condenser for potential instrumentation, operational, and performance improvements.  They can design cost-effective retrofit and new design solutions to achieve optimal condenser performance and operating efficiency.

Monitoring and Diagnostic Services – With our Condenser Diagnostics Toolkit, Bionetics provides quick response condenser diagnostics and can deliver regular reports to allow timely informed decisions on condenser operation, maintenance, and repair.

Condenser Performance Solutions brochure (PDF)

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