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Flow Measurement Instruments

Flow measurement devices are used in a wide range of applications to measure the movement of fluid through a system. There are many types of fluid flow measurement gauges and monitors in existence, to accommodate different kinds of fluids as well as the varying process conditions and industrial applications in which they occur.

Rheotherm flow measurement instruments include flow meters and flow switches that provide accurate and repeatable outputs with our no-moving-parts sensor design for reliable operation with little or no maintenance. No matter what kind of gas or liquid you need to measure or regulate, you will find the right instrument for the job in our selection of thermal flow rate measurement devices. In thousands of installations, our product line has been thoroughly tested to ensure long-term dependability and accuracy.

Key features of the Rheotherm product family of measurement instruments include:

  • No Moving Parts
  • Highly Repeatable Output
  • Wide Rangeability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Versatile Design
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Low Flow Liquid MetersLow Flow Liquid Meters

We have a unique capability to measure very low flow liquid rates – from a few gallons per minute to as low as 1 gallon per year (10 cc/day). These low flow meters can measure slurries and most low- and high-viscosity homogenous liquids, including liquid chlorine, magnesium sulfate, sodium hypochlorite, and ferric chloride. The unique design of these sensors creates an unobstructed path for liquid flow, so nothing makes contact with the fluid except the wall of the tube. Solids in the fluid flow cannot harm the sensor. All this adds up to a highly durable liquid flow meter that you can rely on in a broad spectrum of operating environments. Click on the link above for more information on our Low Flow Liquid Meters.

Low Flow Gas MetersLow Flow Gas Meters

Our TU and TUL sensors are ideal for measuring low gas flows, whether the gases are explosive, corrosive, dirty, or just too difficult for other meter technologies. Our low flow meters can work with most gases, including ammonia, butane, ethanol, methane, natural gas, and sulfur dioxide. You can also choose electropolished sensors that can be used to measure ultrahigh purity gases. These inline gas flow meters are often used on small lines (1″ or smaller) with flow rates ranging from 25 SCFM to a few hundred SCFM. In additional to a variety of flow output options, an optional backlit LCD display gives you instant access to several useful stats, such as current temperature and mass/volume flow rate. More information is available on our Low Flow Gas Meters using the link above.

Air & Gas Duct Flow MetersDuct Flow Meters, Air & Gas

For pipes and ducts from one inch to several feet in diameter, our chemically compatible metal probes provide reliable mass flow measurement. Often used to monitor stack gas, digester gas, and vent air, these mass flow measurement devices are easily installed and designed to provide years of low-maintenance service. They are suited for use with most non-condensing gases, even explosive and corrosive gases. For areas where little or no straight run is available, the Rheovec™ flow conditioner and its unique honeycomb design works to eliminate measurement errors that routinely confound ordinary sensors. For more details on our Duct Flow Meters, click on the link above.

Low Flow Controller

The Rheotherm Model 210 Low Flow Controller is capable of measuring and controlling extremely low flow rates with high accuracy and reliability, and can be used with most gases and homogeneous liquids with low or high viscosity. The desired flow rate setpoint is set in the flow controller and is easily adjusted by the user at the unit or remotely, and analog output of the flow rate is also available.

Flow SwitchesFlow Switches    

With no mechanical parts, this technology is great for reliable low- or high-flow indication in liquid or gas service. Flow switches differ from conventional gas or liquid thermal flow meters by changing the state of an output relay once certain flow parameters are met. Each of our flow switches has an adjustable set point—a minimum or maximum flow rate—and once the measured fluid reaches this point, the device transmits a trip signal to another device (such as a pump) that modifies the rate of flow. We have a variety of high and low flow switches that are suitable for many types of applications and environments. Flow switches are often used as a lower cost alternative to a flow meter for measuring flow if all that is needed is indication of flow beyond (above or below) a particular value. Learn more about our flow switches using the link above.

Custom Process MeasurementsCustom Process Measurements   

Intek has been solving unique flow problems for over 45 years. We understand that not all applications can be accommodated using existing flow meter designs. Our design team has years of experience in devising custom process control solutions—from liquid sulfur meters to sensors used in outer space and offshore drilling environments—for companies with unusual or particularly challenging requirements. Still searching for an answer? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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