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Rheotherm Flow Instrument Manuals

Rheotherm Product Manual Version/Revision*
 Model 100 Flow Meter A1009503 Rev. D
 Model 100CS Flow Switch A100CS9606 REV B
 Model 100CS with CE Marking A100CS9808CE Rev. A
 Model 100FS Flow Switch A100AFS9505 REV B
 Model 111D Flow Meter A1149609 Rev. C
 Model 200 Flow Meter  A2009808 Rev. B
 Model 210 /210R Flow Meter  A2100606 Rev. B
 Model 400 Flow Monitor  4000198 Rev.B
 Model 500 Flow Switch  Contact factory



 RheoVac Air In-Leak Monitor Manuals

RheoVac Manual Version* For units shipped or upgraded in the following date range:
  RheoVac CMS  May 2015 – present
  RheoVac 950A – Aaeon processor  7/2010 – 4/2015
  RheoVac 950  7/1998 – 6/2010
  RheoVac Sentry  6/1998 – 12/2006
  RheoVac 940  1/1994 – 6/1998
  RheoVac DR Drying Monitor  All dates


*Please note that your instrument may have custom features not found in the above generic manuals. Please contact us if questions arise.

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