Flow Instruments, Condenser Instruments, Condenser Services and Engineering Serivces from Intek

Engineering Services

Intek was founded based on the concept of integrating advanced technology and engineering principles to solve complex measurement problems. This foundation serves as the basis for providing unique solutions for our customers. In addition to our standard product offerings, Intek provides a number of engineering services.

Nuclear Power Services

Nuclear power plant
Intek has nearly three decades of experience designing and supplying instrumentation and services for nuclear power generation.

Engineering Design & Consulting

Custom flow meters & other process measurement instruments
Intek engineers have decades of design experience applying technical solutions to unique problems.

Aerospace Instruments & Payloads

Aerospace flow meters, instruments & payloads
Intek has designed and manufactured custom in-flight instruments and systems for use in space flight and other aerospace applications.

Custom Process Measurements

Monitors for vacuum drying
Intek has been solving the most challenging flow measurement problems for nearly 40 years. Contact us to discuss your flow measurement challenge.


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