Condenser Modifications and Consulting

Cooling Water CFD Analysis

Intek provides a differential pressure based flow monitoring system. As a first step, engineers will inspect and model the cooling water system and identify the optimal tap locations. Locations will be selected to obtain the best signal strength and lowest flow turbulence while considering ease of serviceability and installation requirements. The differential flow measurement can be calibrated in two ways: a flow test or single tube flow and fouling instruments. Generally, a flow test will be used unless single tube flow and fouling instruments are used for an ASME PTC 12.2 Appendix F test.

Using Blue Ridge Computational Fluid Dynamics for obtaining flow simulations and thermal analysis of cooling water side issues, this service has been used to: identify cooling water flow issues particularly when components in the network become clogged or fouled; identify waterbox design issues that cause debris hideout and erosion of the tube/tubesheets; design new components such as waterbox or reverse flushing mechanisms.

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