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RheoVac® Multisensor Flow Monitors

RheoVac® GP Process Monitor

RheoVac GP Multisensor Probe
The RheoVac family of instruments were developed by Intek to measure gas flow in a mixture of vapor and gas, such as water vapor and air.  These unique instruments incorporate four primary measurements: flow, pressure, temperature and humidity. This combination of measured parameters means that a RheoVac instrument can be used in applications conventionally requiring an assortment of devices from multiple suppliers with complicated integration schemes.

Information provided by the RheoVac GP Process Monitor, RheoVac GP Vacuum Pump Monitor, or RheoVac AC Duct Flow Monitor, enables you to create a characteristic picture of your process to be used for control and qualitative evaluation. The unique combination of multiple measurements provided by the instrument enables you to monitor key process variables which may have previously been difficult or impossible to measure due to low pressure (vacuum), high temperature, or caustic gases.

Like all Intek products, this RheoVac instrument is designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications ensuring long-term, reliable process measurement.

Temperature  Probe: 40° – 210 °F; Up to 400 °F optional
Electronics: 40° – 120 °F
Pressure 0.5 – 10” HgA
Calibration  Accuracy  ± 5% of total mass flow
Repeatability  ± 1.5% of reading
Line Sizes 3” through 18”
Process Connection 1.5” ball valve assembly enabling probe to be removed while process is online
Enclosure NEMA 4
Output/Communications  RS-485 Modbus
Input Power 24 VDC
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