Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is an extremely strong oxidizer used in a variety of applications including sterilization and disinfection, odor control, oxygenation, and cyanide oxidation. Following are several examples of hydrogen peroxide applications where Rheotherm Flow Meters and Flow Switches are used:

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide is frequently used in wastewater collection systems to remove hydrogen sulfide that destroys concrete pipes and manhole structures and is commonly used to remove pollutants from waste water and from air. In the United States, hydrogen peroxide is used more and more frequently to treat individual water supplies. It is used to prevent the formation of colors, tastes, corrosion and scaling by pollution degradation (iron, manganese, sulfates) and micro-organism degradation. Several companies and municipalities are using Rheotherm Model 210 Flow Meters to accurately measure the flow of hydrogen peroxide at flow rates as low as a few milliliters per minute.

Cooling Towers and Process Water System Cleaning Applications

The unique properties of hydrogen peroxide make it a good technology for keeping cooling loops, process water loops and heat exchangers clean from fouling that can occur due to various contaminants in the water. Hydrogen peroxide works well in removing organic fouling on surfaces through mechanical means and in specific applications through biocidal mechanisms.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used occasionally at higher concentrations for maintenance cleaning purposes of fouled heat exchangers, cooling water loops and process water loops. Performing an occasional shock cleaning of a heat exchanger with hydrogen peroxide can remove buildup from surfaces and can result in improved heat transfer efficiency. By removing surface fouling, hydrogen peroxide may also improve the efficiency of other biocides such as bleach, bromine and non-oxidizers.

Aseptic Packaging

Hydrogen peroxide is a highly microbiologically safe reagent. Therefore, it is used as a sterilizing agent for the internal aseptic zones of the manufacturing machines and the surface of the packaging material that will be in contact with the food. Several machine manufacturers use Rheotherm Flow Meters for the injection and metering of hydrogen peroxide in the disinfection of single-serve packaging.

Electronics Manufacturing

In this field, hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizing and a cleaning agent. The production process of printed circuits boards uses hydrogen peroxide as an etchant. The manufacturing process of semiconductors uses high-quality electronic grade hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing and cleaning agent.

Food Processing

In the food processing industry, hydrogen peroxide is the most commonly used bleaching agent where it finds its use as a peroxygen reagent. Natural oils, natural sugars, waxes, starch, and gums are some of the compounds bleached using peroxides.

Hydrogen peroxide is also used in the sterilization of the equipment and water supplies used in the dairy industry. Rheotherm Flow Switches are used to ensure hydrogen peroxide flows into the process at critical rates of 6 milliliters per minute.

Pulp and Paper

Hydrogen Peroxide is used as a versatile bleaching agent especially in chemical pulp bleaching sequences. In mechanical pulp bleaching, it is used as the core-bleaching agent. In paper recycling plants, hydrogen peroxide is typically used as the de-inking agent to prepare the paper for processing.

Rheotherm Model 210 Configuration for Hydrogen Peroxide Applications

Model 210 TULOne typical configuration used for these applications is a Model 210-IDT-TU1/4(SS)-4/20-24V (pictured here). The features of this instrument include: local display readout, 4-20mA analog output, stainless steel wetted material and stainless steel sensor housing which provide excellent service in these types of applications.

For more information on the Rheotherm Model 210 Flow Meter for your hydrogen peroxide application, use the form on this page to reach us or go to the Low Flow Liquid Meters page for details and to get a quotation.

Rheotherm advantage: accurate low flow measurement, low pressure drop, intrinsic safety, all stainless steel wetted materials

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