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Rheotherm flow meters for variety of applicationsRheotherm flow meters are easy to clean and have low pressure drop, making them a useful alternative for many biotech/pharmaceutical applications.

Fermentation Feed

For biotech companies, Rheotherm flow meters are an excellent option for measuring the flow of fermentation media to reactors. The straight-through sensor design allows easy clean-in-place or steam-in-place sterilization. If needed, the flow sensor’s wetted stainless steel tube can be made from electropolished tubing. One customer bought a specially designed sensor that could be put in an autoclave for sterilization.

This process often uses a peristaltic pump, so the low pressure drop design is useful. Sample flow rates are in the range of 10-6000 ml/hr.

Rheotherm advantage: withstands harsh environment, low pressure drop, low velocity sensitivity

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A Sticky Situation

A customer came to us needing to monitor the exhaust flow from a pill coating dryer. Many other types of air flow meters could not be used because the exhaust carried over some of the spray-on coating; Rheotherm insertion mass flow probes are well suited to this task. First, they provide reliable air flow measurement in mass or standard volume units. Second, they have no mechanical parts or orifices to be affected by the sticky coating. Third, when ordered with a sanitary pipe connection, the sensors can be extracted from the line, in a matter of moments, to have the coating material wiped off. The stainless steel probes can even be solvent or water cleaned without damage.

Rheotherm advantage: easily cleaned, repeatable air flow measurement, quick release fittings

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