Combustion Fuel Additives

In combustion plants that use a heavy fuel such as coal or ash forming oils (blends‚ crude and residual oils) for combustion‚ vanadium corrosion inhibitors such as magnesium sulfonate‚ magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate are injected into the fuel to help prevent the high temperature corrosion in gas turbines caused by vanadium.

chemical injection processThe chemicals are usually added to the fuel on the conveyor belt or in the supply line and are fed in such a way that it is well mixed throughout the fuel. Specific problem areas in a furnace can sometimes be targeted by injecting them to select fuel feeds.

These chemicals are generally sold under several trade names* including:
    • FuelSolv
    • Protea M
    • Bell ATX-1100T/1400T

Several companies are using Rheotherm Model 210  flow meters to measure the flow of these chemicals which are generally metered at flow rates of approximately 0.2 – 5 gph.

One typical configuration used is a Model 210-IDT-TU1/4(SS)-4/20-24V. The features of this instrument include: local display readout, 4-20mA analog output, stainless steel wetted material and sensor housing.

Rheotherm advantage: accurate low flow measurement, low pressure drop, intrinsic safety

* FuelSolv is a registered trademark of General Electric Corporation; Protea M is a trademark of System Separation Sweden AB; ATX is a trademark of Bell Performance; Turbotect is a registered trademark of Turbotect Ltd.

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