Nuclear Power Services

Nuclear Power PlantIntek applied its experience in power generation and expertise with condenser design and performance to assist several nuclear stations in identifying and solving operational deficiencies. Our engineers examine drawings, plant data and RheoVac instrument data to understand, quantify and identify root causes for issues including:
  • Air in-leak rate, total air in-leak and possible sources
  • Potential cooling system design deficiencies including
    air removal system and condenser design
  • Possible shortcomings in plant operating and maintenance procedures
    resulting in negative impact on plant performance

    Examples of services Intek has provided for Nuclear Power Generation:

  • Provided engineering consulting services to assist with Failure Model Analysis (FMA) of main condenser
  • Performed review of plant’s condenser thermal system, reported identified condenser deficiencies and provided recommended corrective actions
  • Identified operational improvements and potential deficiencies in condenser design and cooling system through examination of engineering drawings and data. Results included estimating total performance loss and possible root causes of poor performance
  • Assessed proposed modifications to a low pressure partition plate/Hotwell portion of condenser
  • Quantified air in-leakage into the condenser by interpreting data collected during refueling and identified offgas issues

Intek advantage: expertise in power generation, condenser design and process monitoring

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Rheotherm flow meters and flow switches are an ideal choice for many applications in the nuclear arena. Intek combines tested sensor designs and years of experience with installations in radioactive locations.

Containment Air

An electric utility has used Rheotherm flow meters since 1983 to monitor the flow of air that is cycled through a post accident containment area of their nuclear plant. A TU¼ transducer is used to measure a flow range of 0.3-3 SCFM. The air is normally not contaminated, but could be highly radioactive in the event of an accident.

Rheotherm advantage: radiation hardening, low maintenance, long-term reliability

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Vent Gas

Rheotherm flow meters have been in use for many years in the off gas line from a BWR. Insertion probe sensors are threaded into 3” pipes. Reliability cannot be compromised in this critical service, as the sensors are located in radioactive areas because replacement is time-consuming and expensive.

Rheotherm advantage: radiation hardening, easy installation, standard volume output without external signal corrections

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UF6 Gas Flow

Rheotherm flow metersIntek has a thirty year history of supplying flow meters for measuring the mass flow of UF6 gas in nuclear fuel production. Customer feedback has been that Rheotherm meters work in this service when other meters do not. The first criterion for a meter is the sensor must withstand the radioactive environment. In addition the nonintrusive sensor design allows the lowest possible pressure drop for this low pressure gas service. Another factor is the longevity of our flow meters; with no mechanical parts and unstressed components, they can remain in service for decades.

Rheotherm advantage: radiation hardening, low pressure drop, mass flow output

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