Condenser In-Leakage Guideline

Putman, R.E. & Harpster, J.W., et. al.
“Condenser In-Leakage Guideline” EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2000. TR-112819.


Air in-leakage into the main condenser is a common problem for both nuclear and fossil plants. Water in-leakage can also be a problem because the quality of the condensate recycled to the boiler or steam generator is affected by the contamination. Over the years, EPRI has sponsored the development of various techniques used to find the sources of air and water leaks. Unfortunately, much of the varied documentation that resulted from this development is now out of print. Thermal performance or condenser system engineers need a single document that brings together a complete set of current information regarding air and water in-leakage. Information regarding the design and operation of steam jet air ejectors and liquid ring vacuum pumps has also been scattered over the years. This report fills the requirement for this type of information.

Information on the design and performance of the systems that provide circulating water to condensers and the associated cooling towers is available elsewhere, so it has not been included here. However, water in-leakage has been included, along with a discussion of cooling water path configurations because they affect the procedures used for water in-leakage detection.

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